Trash Can School

Skjermbilde 2016-05-29 kl. 11.55.57

Andy Seven / Celso Chavez (Photo: Chris Blum)

Before joining Possum Dixon in 1989 Celso Chavez played with the Trash Can School. Check out rock star supreme Andy Sevens blog Out Demons Out! for stories from Celsos time with the band.

Even though Celso Chavez periode in Trash Can School lasted less than a year he co-wrote the song Baby Lust (with Andy Seven, Lucas McClelland and Manny Pena) and recorded guitar tracks on songs like Phantasm III and Horses (the Patti Smith song). Everything is on the record Sick Jokes & Wet Dreams released on CD in 1992 on the label Sympathy For The Record Industry.

Source: Black Haird Boy


Sick Jokes & Wet Dreams (CD  1992 SFTRI147)

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