5 thoughts on “Celso Chavez (1968 – 2012)

  1. My favorite release by Possum Dixon is Tropic of Celso. So wish I’d got to see him play. His art lives on and it moves my soul every time.


    • Hello sir. Yeah, the Tropic is one of my fave as well. I never saw them live. I used to email with Celso late 90s. Really a great man! I hope someone one day will release the music he made under the name Pill Modul.


    • I knew and really liked Celso. I was very saddened to find out, only today, that he had passed. I have searched for him on SM and still play my CD of “The Tropic of Celso” pretty regularly that he gave me in ‘98. RIP Celso, and know that those of us who knew you miss and love you. 😢


      • Hello Debbie. I never knew Celso, even though we had brief contact exchanging music late 90s. He was great to talk to about making music. He was very open. And I dig his style of guitar playing.


      • Greetings from Ireland, 24 hours on from St Patrick’s Day. Tropic of Celso is also a treasured release for me.
        Best wishes to all.


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