I came across Possum Dixons debut album in 1994. Never heard about them before, but I liked the cover and since I didnt find anything else I wanted I bought it. It actually took awhile before I checked it out, but I still remember the moment I did: in my room where the walls were painted in a dark red color, the faded curtains was trying to keep the sun out, headphone cord stretching across the room from my stereo to my bed where I was laying down. I was instantly hooked when Nerves kicked start the record: the sound, energy, simplicity, lyrics and riffs.

Its 21 years ago since I first heard the debut album, and I was 21 years old. Up to that moment I was mostly listening to Deep Purple, Kiss, Stage Dolls, TNT and everything my older brother was putting on the turntable. To me Possum Dixon was a important part in my shift in music direction. To discover indie, lo-fi, underground, alternative music.

Early 2000 possumdixon.com (not active anymore) had this for a welcome greet:
You must be desperate to come looking for us. After all, we broke up years ago.

Well, I know there’s still a lot of Possum Dixon’s fans out there. So I wanted to make this site where pictures, articles, music, videos and such is collected and easier for fans to enjoy.

If you got a story, picture, flyer, poster etc. related to PD, or if there is any content on this site that should be removed please contact us.

Man Yagnar

Oslo, Norway – 2015