Brave New World

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Possum Dixon in studio with radio host Tricia Halloran at KCRW promoting the new album Star Maps. Features interviews and live performance of Artificial Sunlight, Go West, Make Him Mad, Emergency’s About To End, Radio Comets, Personals and Apartment Song. The first 4 songs where released as a double 7″ on Detective Records / Flat Earth Records. Go to Discography / Audio section and scroll to Live At KCRW to here the songs in much better sound quality.


Promotion Film New Sheets

Promotion film from the enhanced CD New Sheets (1998). Filmed by J. Sterns and P. Dixon, camera Paul Horn and lights by Andrew Takeyuchi. The enhanced CD features pictures, music videos and a game called Magic Show.

Nerds In The Pit

Nerds In The Pit was a project documenting early California art punk movement. The project was a part of the Mobilization organization, a San Francisco based company representing the works of noize, post-punk and experimental sound artists.

Nerds In The Pit part 4 (May 2003) is a 4 hour special on the L.A. art punk scene from 1989 – 1996. Part 4 includes an interview by Rob Zabrecky talking about Jabberjaw, early projects, grunge, Possum Dixon albums, the Silverlake scene, drugs and more. PD:YP do not have the complete show, only the good stuff like the interview with Zabrecky. Total running time 44 min.

PD:YP has not cleared any copyrights for the music included in the interview. Contact us if content should be removed.

Rob Zabrecky – EP


Rob and Byron with friends playing Dirty Laundry TV Summer Fest at The Satellite (Photo: Cortney Armitage. Source: L.A. Record, 2015)

This is a 4 track solo EP that you could download through Zabreckys website in the early 2000. I don’t know if it was released through a record label. I know the song A Sunbeam was listed on Vamped Records myspace site. Maybe it was one of those deals that fell through?

The Case Of The Clarinet
Make Him Mad
A Sunbeam