Italian Magazines


Interview in an Italian magazine dated November 1992. That’s even before the record deal with Interscope Records and the debut album in 1993. Unfortunately I don’t understand Italian, but there’s a great picture of Rob, Celso and Robert. A smaller version of the picture was used in an interview done by Flipside Magazine May / June  edition in 1993. Also included is a cute folkyinspired flyer from Al’s Bar. Check out the 3 page article.

buscaderoInterview with Rob Zabrecky promoting the debut album. No pictures. Read 2 page interview (in Italian).

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Another interview with Rob promoting the debut album. Read 2 page interview (in Italian).

Press Kit Star Maps (1996)


Photo: Jennifer Broussard


Photo: Marina Chavez


Press kit included 2 promo photos, original star map (foldout) and xerox copies of articles from:

  • Sassy (01.1996)
  • Los Angeles Times (02.12.1994)
  • Puncture (04.1994)
  • Pollstar (03.08.1994)
  • Fizz Magazine (only front cover with Possum Dixon)
  • Bam Magazine (11.19.1993)
  • Los Angeles reader (04.30.1993)

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Press Kit Possum Dixon (1993)


Photo: Darren Paskal (1993)


bio page 1


bio page 2

Press kit for the s/t debut album from 1993. Promo photo, 2 page biography and press clipping consisting of xerox copies of articles from:

  • Los Angeles Times (02.12.94)
  • BAM Magazine (11.19.1993)
  • Request (10.1993)
  • B-Side (12.1993)
  • SOMA No. California (12.1993)
  • The Onion (11.2-8.1993)
  • Weekend Independent (10.16-17.1993)
  • Los Angeles Reader (04.30.1993)

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The News Journal (04.26.94)


Sully, Rob, Rich and Celso (Photo: Interscope Records)

“At the street corner where the Velvet Underground and Devo met up is where Possum Dixon fell out of their pocket.”
– Rob Zabrecky

Read interview by Joe Szczechowski. Promotion for the split gig with The Reverend Horten Heat at the Stone Balloon, Newark.