Five Nights Out

Finally someone uploaded this documentary by Jane Railla from 1993. Ive been looking for this for years! Shooting with a hi8 video camera, Jean documents several bands and personalities from the Los Angeles music scene of the early 1990s including Ethyl Meatplow, Beck, Possum Dixon, Glue, The Abe Lincoln Story, Pleasant Gehman, and others. Edited and co-produced by Jonathon Stearns.

It contains lots of really good Possum Dixon footage not to find anywhere else. Both playing and jabbing and doing everyday stuff. Great film about the indie music community in LA in the early 90s. Great bands and great music all the way through! Good fun.

Source: Channel B4

Promotion Film New Sheets

Promotion film from the enhanced CD New Sheets (1998). Filmed by J. Sterns and P. Dixon, camera Paul Horn and lights by Andrew Takeyuchi. The enhanced CD features pictures, music videos and a game called Magic Show.

MTV Boston

MTV covering local AIDS charity in Boston featuring 19 artist on 5 different venues. Short interviews and live clip by Possum Dixon (Nerves and Lucky Star (Madonna cover) at 00:49) Beck, Indigo Girls, The Proclaimers, Sheryl Crow, Crash Test Dummies, Inspiral Carpets, Violent Femmes.

Source: Robert Sullivan