Watch The Girl Destroy Me from the Pronto Records 3 x 7″ box Music For A One Bedroom Apartment (1992). Video shot at the offsite warehouse in the Valley owned by a company Zabrecky worked for a couple of years as a mailroom clerk.Video directed by Matt Purse in 1991. Video produced by Matt Purse, Scott Riddle and Rob Zabrecky.

Watch The Girl Destroy Me from the debut album. Matt Purse directed the video. Footage shot in San Francisco. Celso Chavez described the short trip to San Francisco as “36 hours of complete insanity”.

Nerves from the debut album. One of Zabreckys favorite videos because it capsulizes Possum Dixon during an exciting time  and was made for around 300 dollars. It was shot at their houses and places they thought were cool like Chinatown, outside the historic Hong Kong Cafe. Directed by Matt Purse. Produced by Possum Dixon for PossumDixon.

This video is unofficial and is made by Shawn Morton. He ran into Celso Chavez when the band opend for The Connells at the New Daisy Theater, Memphis, supporting their 3rd full length album New Sheets and he gave a VHS copy with his video for the song In Buildings from the debut album. Starring in the video are Rob McKittrick and Anna King.

Emergencys About To End from the album Star Maps. Directed by Chris Applebaum, and produced by Robert Nackman for Satellite Films. Executive producer Danielle Cagaanan.

Radio Comets from the album Star Maps. Video directed by Jean Railla and Robert O´Sullivan. Produced by Chris Craft for Surf Detective Films.

Crashing Your Planet from the album Star Maps. Directed by Rob Schmidt, and produced by Daniel Hogdody for LA FilmFactory.

Invisible live at Celso Chavez memorial at El Chavito, 05.23.2012. Rob Zabrecky (vocal, bass), Byron Reynolds (drums), Matt Devine (guitar), Jonathon Stearns (trompet), Sneaky Pete Tomlinson (perc) and Steve Gregoropolous (keys).

Rob zabrecky with members of Possum Dixon at The Satellite for Dirty Laundry TV Summer Fest, NYC.

Rob Zabrecky and Peter Tomlinson performing PD songs at the 20th anniversary screening for 5 Nights Out, 2013. The setup is similar to how Possum Dixon used to do it in the beginning. They had no upright bass guitar, only minimalistic drums consisting of bongos or a floor and snare. Rob mostly sang and played guitar on a couple of songs. Doing minimalistic pop stuff. Only thing missing is Celso. RIP.

Rob Zabrecky, Matt Devine and Byron Reynolds playing Invisible at The Federal Bar in North Hollywood, California on November 18, 2018.