Nerds In The Pit

Nerds In The Pit was a project documenting early California art punk movement. The project was a part of the Mobilization organization, a San Francisco based company representing the works of noize, post-punk and experimental sound artists.

Nerds In The Pit part 4 (May 2003) is a 4 hour special on the L.A. art punk scene from 1989 – 1996. Part 4 includes an interview by Rob Zabrecky talking about Jabberjaw, early projects, grunge, Possum Dixon albums, the Silverlake scene, drugs and more. PD:YP do not have the complete show, only the good stuff like the interview with Zabrecky. Total running time 44 min.

PD:YP has not cleared any copyrights for the music included in the interview. Contact us if content should be removed.

Pill Module

celso chavez

Source: facebook

Early 2000 I correspond briefly with Celso. We talked about family, guitars and amps, favorite records and what music project we were doing at that moment. We exchanged songs, and he sent me some tracks from his new project Pill Module. Celso and Matt Devine (who played on the original version of Watch The Girl Destroy Me) recorded an EP called Photographs Will Be Taken released on CD-R on Fort Bliss Recordings in 2003. Songs where recorded in Matt’s studio. All songs by Chavez/Devine.

Sunset Ltd
Wicked Thing
Day Of The Long Breath
(Down At The) Black Lite

This is not Possum Dixon, but a Pill Module song (Down At The) Black Lite from the EP  Photographs Will Be Taken.

On youtube there is 3 demo recordings from 2001. Great picture of Celso laying down tracks on a 4-track recorder. On the pictures you can also see his beloved electric guitar:  Fender Telecaster Thinline from 1972. Celso purchased the guitar with his first advance money from Interscope Records. Celso did pawn the guitar, and a close friend, Zack De la Cruz, tried to track it down by hitting up every pawnshop in Southern California. He didn’t succeed before he contacted Fenders corporate headquarters in Corona for serial numbers. Zack eventually found it in Thailand and purchased it.

Source: Wayne Lewis