Lemonheads Try, But Frenzy Calls The Tune

Christel Burt from Desert News reports from the concert at Fairpark Coliseum (1994) where Possum Dixon was one of the support acts for Lemonheads.

The second opening band, Possum Dixon, carried the frenzy along as moshers began throwing shoes, clothes, and water. Then came the crowd-surfers. Bodies went bouncing into the air. Some landed on enough upraised hands to be carried across the crowd for several seconds. Some people were dropped on their heads. All night long, noses were bloodied and feet mashed.

After a long, sweaty 30-minute intermission between bands, the Lemonheads came onstage. “This is the place,” said Evan Dando.

Two songs later, the band stopped playing. A swarm of bugs surrounded the stage and no bug spray could be found. The band members smoked cigarettes for the duration of the performance to keep the insects away.

A delerium of bodies hopping and bashing in the mosh pit paused momentarily when Evan Dando, lead singer, said, “You in the front row have the best seats in the house. Turn around and face us.” A few minutes later Dando stopped playing again, and asked the crowd to stop crowd-surfing.

True Lemonheads fans were overrun by an overwhelming number of young (even pre-teenage) concertgoers who clearly preferred Possum Dixon, one of the opening bands. Possum Dixon’s electrified, emotionless style, with its punky, hysterical outcrank was more dedicated to stirring the mosh pit than the musically sincere Lemonheads.