Al’s Bar


Al’s Bar was an important venue for hearing new edgy music in the 80s and 90s, and many bands played there before they made it big: Nirvana, Beck, Misfits, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Sonic Youth. It was located in 303 S. Hewitt St. downtown L.A. The bar closed in 2001,  but thanks to youtube you can check out how it was in this Walk Through Al’s Bar video. Possum Dixon played the modest stage at Al’s Bar already in the early stage of the band when they  still were doing their circus act. Flyer is from a show where they shared stage with Permanent Green Light where Matt Devine played guitar. Matt played guitar on the first version of Watch The Girl Destroy Me recorded by Rush Riddle in 1990. The song wasn’t released by Pronto Records, but released unauthorized by Freak Scene Records. Matt rejoined the band for the 3rd studio album New Sheets in 1998. Also billed to play was Beck who used to do support gigs for Possum Dixon. This is before Beck released his smash hit record Mellow Gold in 1994. Fun fact: Rob Zabrecky plays upright bass on the song Blackhole from the same record.

Video shoot Radio Comets (1995)


Left to right: Sully, Byron, Rob and Celso

Photo / screen shot: Jean Railla, the director for the video Radio Comets. Robert O´Sullivan co-produced the video.


Teisco EB-200

Since I love guitars I couldn’t avoid seeing the headstock on the bass guitar Celso is playing (to the right). I used to own one, its a short-scale and looks fantastic. I guess that’s why they chose it for the video. But not a guitar to drag around. I wasn’t a fan of the way it responded playing it, but the sound was OK with a lot of boom. I’m talking about the Teisco EB-200. And since we are on about guitars, the one Rob Zabrecky is playing is a real show piece. It looks like a EKO 500 kindofastyle guitar. Definitely an Italian guitar.  Always wanted one. Same guitar is used by Robert O’Sullivan in the first video for the song Watch The Girl Destroy Me. This guitar has also been used live on several occasions by Robert O’Sullivan.  Don’t forget to check out the video for Radio Comets. (The picture of the EB-200 is not the one used in the video.)


Left to right: Celso, Rob, Steve P (?) and Sully (Photo: Al, Flipside May/June 1993)