Promo Video New Sheets

I´ve never seen any music videos from the last studio album New Sheets (1998). The only footage out there is this promo video made by Interscope records. To me it looks like Interscope just put the audio for the new song over some old live footage when the band played a different song.

Source: Robert Sullivan

Live at Mark & Lard, BBC Radio 1 (1994)

Mark & Lard was a radio show on BBC that startet in 1993. Mark Radcliffe (Mark) and Marc Riley (Lard) developed an unique show that was based around non-playlist music, live acts, comedy and poem readings. The duo was a big success and won 3 Sony Gold Awards for Best Daily Music Show. Mark & Lard are big fans of Possum Dixon and played their music regularly.

Rob Zabrecky – vocal, bass
Celso Chavez – guitar
Robert O´Sullivan – guitar, keys
Richard Treul – drums

In Buildings
Watch The Girl Destroy Me
Damn The Rainbow

Source: Mark Montague